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Flourish started with three willing souls who simply followed their hearts (& heads) and ventured out into the world of business. Ed, Paul and Helen took the plunge back in May 2000 and set up their own artisan bakery.

Helen had already set up and managed several food stores and delicatessens, whilst Ed and Paul were bakers working together in many of London's most prestigious hotels and restaurants. While they worked through the early hours of the morning they always talked about how they could start up a bakery of their own and produce the kind of breads that they always wanted to.

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By chance they discovered a run down old bagel bakery inside the former Tottenham Brewery. They saw it’s potential and knew they had finally found the right site. Still in their day jobs, every day after work they went to the bakery to bring it up to scratch. Seven months later, the bakery was ready for operation. With just one loyal customer, Tom's Deli in Notting Hill, they gave up their jobs and took the plunge. Flourish Craft Bakery was finally born.

Having little start up money, no employees and no financial backing, they undertook everything themselves, from the cleaning, sales, baking, packing and finally delivering to customers out of the back of their cars. They worked 7 days per week and up to16 hours each day for the first year to get the bakery established. Many nights were often spent sleeping in the bakery using flour sacks as pillows. Since those humble beginnings, the bakery has just “flourished” and now employs around 40 local people.

Being so personally involved in the bakery at the beginning, they understand how important every role is and we believe this hands-on approach by the directors is what makes us stand out above other bakery suppliers.