Box of 6 Mixed Tray Bake Treats



This Box contains 6 of our favourite scrumptious treats! Perfect for sharing.

You can choose from the following options:

Mint Aero Slice
Millionaires Shortbread
Chocolate Brownie
Rocky Road

Let us know in the notes section the quantities you would like!

Millionaires Shortbread:
Ingredients: Plain Flour, Cornflour, Butter, Caster Sugar, Icing Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar, Condensed Milk, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Vegetable Oil.

Allergens: Gluten, Milk, Soya

Typical Values per 100g: Energy 1844.9kJ/440.8kcal, Fat 25.8g of which saturates 15.7g, Carbohydrate 53.8g of which sugars 39.7g, Added Sugar 17.6g, Fibre 1.2g, Protein 4.4g, Salt 0.53g, Sodium 209.1mg

Aero Slices:

Ingredients: Bourbon Biscuits, Butter, Dark Chocolate, Condensed Milk, Peppermint Oil, Aero Bubbles, White Chocolate, Oil, Green Food Colouring.

Allergens Gluten, Milk, Soya

Typical Values per 100g: Energy 4436.0Kj/1061.8kcal, Fat 65.6g of which saturates 38.8g, Carbohydrates 107.4g of which sugars 98.1g, Added Sugar 0.0g, Fibre 3.8g, Protein 10.5g, Salt 0.88g, Sodium 181.0mg

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Butter (Milk), Chocolate, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Chocolate (Milk), Cocoa Powder, Egg.

Allergens: Milk, wheat gluten, Eggs

Typical values Per 100g: Energy 2110.1kJ/503.7kcal, Fat 29.2g, of which saturates 17.9g, Carbohydrate 57.0g, of which sugars 43.9g, Added Sugar 36.0g Protein 4.0g, Salt 0.05g

Rocky Road:

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Butter, Golden Syrup, Digestive Biscuits, Walnuts, Mini Marshmallows, Cranberries

Allergens: Gluten, Milk, Nuts, Soya

Typical Values Per 100g: Energy 2161.7kJ, 518.2kcal, Fat 37.3g of which saturates 18.9g, Carbohydrate 40.5g of which sugars 22.9g, Added Sugar 6.8g, Fibre 5.6g, Protein 5.6g, Salt 0.58g, Sodium 227.8mg

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