Meet the Team

“We’re adventurous, bold bakers, never afraid to try new methods, flavours or ingredients. We’re continually tinkering and experimenting to ensure we always have something new to offer”

~ Helen and Paul

Our Story

Although we’re essentially a family-owned business, it was a shared love of baking that brought Flourish to life, not just the brother/sister connection between Paul and Helen. With one client, no financial backing and a tiny premises inside an old brewery, Flourish has come a long way. Those humble, hard-working early days still colour the way things are done now. We’re still an artisan bakery, but we’re lucky enough to count Michelin-starred restaurants, five-star hotels, authentic food markets, cafés and stores as customers of our breads and pastries.

“The good people behind our great bread.”

“Quite a few of our team have been with us for many years. We’re really proud of that. We’re really proud of them.”

Drop by and meet the team in Watford.