The Bakery

Our bakery is situated in North Watford and gives us an ideal base to service the whole of London and Hertfordshire area.

Unlike some artisan bakeries, we prefer not to dwell on the past and are thankful that we are now living in the twenty first century. We have managed to utilize modern technology without sacrificing traditional values and techniques. We believe this balance has given us the ability to create fantastic products made in a safe and hygienic environment.

The baker is a revered and respectable profession around most of Europe yet for some reason the profession is still under-rated here in the UK. We are hoping to re-introduce the baker as an integral member of the community as they used to be in years gone by. Each day we donate excess bread to local community and church projects. We also encourage employees to do at least one day of community service each year and we participate in several annual fund-raising events in which proceeds are donated to good causes.

At Flourish our mission is to improve on what we have achieved so far and to continue to raise the awareness of real bread & traditional bread making as a skilful craft. We aim to introduce new people to baking and hold regular open days, demonstrations as well as craft bakery courses.

Our bakery production runs for 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We shut down our ovens for a few days over the Christmas and New Years period.

In such a short space of time we have managed to gain numerous industry awards and achievements and we believe our success can be attributed to the fantastic products we make alongside the great relationships we have developed with our staff, suppliers and of course our customers.

Flourish Bakery is truly a testament of what can be achieved with a belief in the product, hard work, dedication and getting past that fear of the unknown.